You can do plenty of things with PUBG Mobile UC, whether it’s buying outfits, accessories, gun skins, or companions.

UC is used for nearly every transaction in the game, as well as upgrading your royale pass to elite or elite pass plus.

If you want to get more out of PUBG Mobile, UC is the way to do it.

PUBG Mobile UC is one of the game’s two main currencies – the other being AG. 

You use both currencies to buy items in the shop, but you earn AG by participating in events, while you can purchase UC in the shop.

Here are all the items you can buy using UC:

  • Treasures
  • Outfits
  • Gun skins
  • Battle Pass
  • Vehicle skins
  • Parachute skins
  • Companions
  • Emotes
  • Accessories


Yes, follow the steps
1: Press “HACK NOW“
2: Enter Username, Platform, Battle Points & UC amount you want to hack corresponding in the table. Then click “HACK (SERVER 1)”.
3: Next press “VERIFY NOW”
4: Press “FREE” to select 2 of the apps you see. Press “TAP TO INSTALL” to complete the download. Remember to experience them.
5: Back to PUBG Mobile, check the Battle Points.